Friday, July 12, 2013

The Finish Line is in Sight!

I'm sitting here watching my giant belly roll back and forth.  My baby is big.  Who knows how big?  But I can tell that she's large.  I'm so excited to finally meet her in just about a month.  Hopefully, I've provided a good home for her these past months, despite my nearly all dairy diet (ice cream!  yoghurt! I can't help it!). 

With nothing to compare this experience to, I can only guess that the practice has been good for my pregnancy.  The only real physical complaint that I have is frequent to constant heartburn (the non-stop dairy helps, but not much). 

But now, I can definitely feel a shift as I get ready for the "big yoga."  My practice is slowing down.  I'm replacing a lot of the vinyasas with cat cows to the vinyasa count. 


Backbending still feels pretty fabulous.  I'm still doing my drop backs at the end of my "intermediate" practice.  I took this video, a little out of vanity, but also because I'd like to show my daughter one day what I did when I was pregnant with her. 

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