Friday, October 11, 2013

First Morning Practice

I realized that my post yesterday may have seemed a little wah wah.  That wasn't my intention.  I love my baby and love being a mom.  But I also love my yoga and am excited to get back to it and regain lost ground, no matter how long that takes.

My whiny little post from yesterday may have been cathartic for me, because this morning, I did it.  After I nursed my little girl, I got up, put on my yoga clothes (which I had been laying out every night for the past 3 weeks in the hopes of a morning practice) and lay V back down to sleep (she usually sleeps until about 9 after she wakes to eat). 

And...she slept.  Then she cried.  I put her back down and she slept. I did 5 sun A's. Then she cried. I picked her up and put her back asleep...then she woke up and cried, after 3 sun B's.  I was ready to throw in the towel, when I realized what was waking her back up...her little arms and legs were flailing around.  So, in a last ditch effort, I swaddled her.  It was magic.  I was able to practice the entire primary series.  Yes, I practiced faster than I normally would (I have a pretty long slow breath), which may have been good for me. 

Twists are still elusive.  I can barely get my fingertips on the floor in utita parsvokonasana.  My fingertips are now just barely grazing each other in marichyasana C.  D remains a long way off.  But I'm feeling a little more connection to my core.

Even if the practice is sloppy, I just love doing it. Taking the time to do this little thing for me makes me a better happier mommy.  The best reward is hugging my sleepy bean after savasana. 


  1. Congratulations! Probably your strength and flexibility will return much faster than your available time and energy. It will be much easier to get a full practice in elsewhere, if you're anything like me, but of course that's not always available. I would say one thing I wasn't always good at when my babies were little was remembering that a partial practice is better than no practice. I can be bit all or nothing. But seriously, even just getting in some sun salutations every day is a great start, and if you have time for more- do more.
    Of course after every baby you pretty much start over with your core, as if you'd never done navasana before. It's a worthy sacrifice. Before you know it they're crawling on you in downward dog.
    My main advice is this: Practice at the shala when you can. Wake up before everyone else to fit in practice if that's feasible. Most important- during these early months don't beat yourself up for needing sleep more than practice- sleep deprivation is a form of torture, after all. Good luck!

  2. Thanks, Deborah, for the congratulations, advice, and words of encouragement!

  3. I've just found your blog today, so I'm a little late, but your blog post of the previous day was not whiny. It was real, human, warm. I really felt a connection with you for honestly and openly sharing the frustration that we can feel as parents. I went through exactly the same experience and feelings that you described. And if I could teach myself from hindsight, I would tell myself to try and accept things as they are and that this difficult period would pass. I wouldn't berate myself for not finding the time to practice. (Seriously, if you can practice with a young baby, you either have a great support network or a miracle baby). Yoga will always be there for you, so just take what you can knowing that your luxurious long practices will be back with you before you know it. Good luck!


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