Sunday, January 26, 2014

Practice Update - 5 months Post-partum

I practice every other day in the basement of the building that I work in.  I unroll my mat behind a bunch of ping pong tables.  Usually, no one notices me, or at least those who do, pretend not to.  Last week, someone stopped me and asked "is this yoga?  it's nice."  A weird interruption, but otherwise a great practice.

I'm trying to add something back every week. Two weeks ago, I added back standing up from my third dhanurasana.  This week I added the three drop backs. 

Sunday has been changed to a Mysore practice at the shala. This makes me very happy.  It's the only class that I can regularly make it to.  Today, Mary kept a close eye on me as I worked my way through my practice (right now, it's intermediate through yoga nidra).  She suggested that I do primary on Sundays followed by my intermediate.  I actually love this practice and was doing this occasionally in Kentucky.  Unfortunately, since the husband hurt is back, I didn't have time today for such a practice, but will plan on it for next week.  During the week, she suggests that I try half primary and then my intermediate. If I can manage to practice before work, I'll try to do this.  Otherwise, I just don't have the time on my break at work. 

It's still hard to do a home practice.  Some days the baby happily plays while I practice and even watches me.  Other days, she protests that I'm doing something that doesn't directly involve her.   Oh well, she's cute.  She's allowed to protest :)

In other "spiritual" news, there's a rumor that the new pope is coming to Philly.  I'm not religious and have never had any fondness for Catholicism, but I dig this new pope (so far).  1.  I like that he chose Francis which I believe is after the patron saint of the animals.  2.  I like that he actually seems to be focusing on the real message of the philosopher Jesus Christ - taking care of the poor and less fortunate.  If he does come to Philly, I think I'd like to see him. 

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