Monday, March 31, 2014

I did it! 31 day yoga challenge!

I can't believe I did it.  I went from eeking out a minimum three days a week practice to rockin' out 31 days* straight.  Holy cow.

Some thoughts:
  • In defense of the yoga selfie, I needed this.  Yes, not all of my pics are pretty.  Most aren't.  But having committed to a 31 day challenge and having the pics to show for it kept me going some days.
  • Yoga is fun.  Did you forget that?  Neither did I.  But spicing up my regular practice with a few poses that I don't usually do was fun.
  • Yoga is challenging.  I definitely faced some demons here.  I remember a few years ago in a free outdoor vinyassa class the teacher "invited" us all to lift one foot in wheel. WTF?!?  My foot was glued to the ground.  How could I have an intermediate series practice of several years and not be able lift a foot in a backbend.  Yep.  This came up in the challenge.  And I did it.  Yay me.
  • Selfies are distracting.  As great as it was to have a motivator, the selfies could also be super distracting.  Going through my regular practice and trying to figure out the best place to insert the challenge pose, set up my iphone, and try to get a decent angle either in my bedroom or office was no easy chore. Some days it definitely kept me from focusing on my breath, bhandas, and drishti.  
  • I am ever so grateful for the ashtanga practice.  
  • You need rest days.  This month had 5 Saturdays and 3 moondays which I skipped.  *and I lied.  I skipped 4 days and made up for it the next day.  but still...
  • You don't always have to do a full practice.  You can do a few suns and an asana. Or half your practice and an asana. Or your full practice with research poses and new poses tacked on.  No one will know the difference.  And you'll be happier for having practiced, regardless of how long it took or which "rules" you broke.
To see my pics from #backbendmadness2014 go to my tumblr page.

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